Scottish Performance Show

The Scottish Performance Show team are thrilled to announce our official partnership with Cube Wraps.
Cube are dedicated to bringing top quality commercial and private vehicles out in style. We are pleased that they have also taken on the job of our staff cars ahead of this amazing event.

Cube will be on site during our show with their impressive display vehicles to allow you an up closer and personal look at their work, no hidden untidy work behind pictures.

Gary Smillie (Cube Owner): “We are really happy to have joined the Performance Show team. We will be open to talk through any needs that anyone may have at the event so please don’t be shy come and say hello.”
Cube are also excited to have the exclusive rights for trading as a wrapping company at SPS and look forward to working on future events with the Performance Show team.

James Stephen (Event Director): “We are delighted to announce this partnership. Gary and the team at cube are a great bunch and we love to see an up coming company push the limits on setting the standard. I personally have already used Gary on my own road car and have agreed a design on a new racing car we have been working on!”

Make sure you stop in to see Gary and the team during the event on June 9th. However if you can’t wait then head over to

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